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"The internet has become an extremely effective channel to reach consumers directly. That is why the e-Marketing has been become an important tool for many companies to promote and spread their products and / or services."

Inbound Marketing

Unlike outbound marketing, inbound marketing focuses especially on "pull" marketing techniques, that is, they naturally attract the user to a company, without putting pressure on them. It is a little aggressive procedure, to the point that it has been designated love marketing .

SEO-Search Engine Optimization

The mission is to optimize the website by correcting errors, improving its architecture and content to achieve the top positions in search engines (Google) in this way when users perform the search, they will find their website. By achieving this we obtain greater efficiency and productivity, more sales, new customers. It is the most economical and efficient way to promote yourself on the web.

Social Media

Design strategy, development and maintenance of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube). Creation of Fanpages, development of games and applications to be incorporated into Facebook.

Email Marketing

Creation and sending of announcements, electronic bulletins or newsletters.


Design and development of advertising campaigns through fixed or animated image banners. Animated Banners in Flash, Gif, HTML5, Google Web Designer.

Advergames, Interactive Games: (Flash games, HTML5, iOS)

Design and development of interactive games applicable to promotions, contests, interactive cards to be viewed via the web, mobile devices (ipads, minilaptops), kiosks, etc.

Interactive Kiosks: (Flash, HTML5, iOS, Intuiface)

Design and development of interactive kiosks to be placed at the point of sale. Windows Kiosks and iPad Kiosks.

NFC Marketing

NFC marketing is a branch of proximity marketing used to interact with a location or a physical object from a short distance. NFC labels / stickers may be affixed to displays or products. NFC technology enables continuous information exchange with just one touch. Let's take a look at what NFC technology is, how it works, and how marketers can take advantage of it.

QR Code Marketing

The use of the QR code is used as a means to communicate an address or contact information, later users can take note of this information by taking a photograph of the code. For example, with a cell phone or any other device that has a camera, we can store contact details directly on a sheet of paper or even from the computer screen in our agenda.

Bluetooth Marketing or Advertising

It consists of the wireless distribution of advertising, informative content in a specific place. The contents can be received in that space, by those who wish and who have a simple mobile phone or receiving equipment equipped with Bluetooth without restrictions.


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