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"We didn't invent the idea of capturing customer information,
but we certainly make it that much easier."

Remember the fish bowl or glass bowl filled with business cards and printed enrollment forms? Is this method efficient for capturing information from your clients?

Companies come out with little data and a lot of work. CityGro makes capturing customer information easier and more efficient. CityGro automates the messages that will bring customers back. Whether you are looking for a phone number, an email or any other information; our system will help you achieve this.

CityGro arrives in the Dominican Republic by DMediaGroup® SRL as the exclusive representative to offer a customizable solution that allows you to capture customer information, data tracking and communication with them in a way that will revolutionize the way you do marketing.

Loyalty Program:
Digitize Punch Cards!

One of the most common loyalty program strategies is the punch card, a simple method of recording customer purchases and rewarding customers after a required number of purchases. The biggest complaint about punch cards is their tendency to reward customers who are already loyal more than driving loyalty. What if you could reach non-loyal customers and incentivize them to come back? What if you could reach your loyal customers and motivate them to bring their friends? Our system uses the common approach of a digital punch card to capture your customers' contact information and more.

Applicable System for:

  • Restaurants
  • Lounges / Spa
  • Stores Stores
  • Auto Show Service
  • Events
  • Concerts
  • Educational Centers

"Businesses that have a past customer engagement strategy are 90% more profitable than businesses that don't" - Josh Uda, Business Strategist

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“En la sabiduría recolectada con los años he encontrado que cada experiencia es una forma de exploración.” - Ansel Adams